Easy-to-use backup solution

«Think well of everyone but trust yourself the most. Create a backup with the power of encryption in your hands.»

T3 provides a tiny, tidy and trustful backup solution for file systems and databases. You may think backups are a waste of time. But backups are very essential when data get lost because of malware, fire or water, or simply when deleted by accident. To backup data raises many questions: Where is my data stored? Is the connection to the storage safe and fast? Can somebody access my data in the storage? T3 delivers an answer to all these questions. T3 users secure their sensitive data outside its own building and in an automated way. Confidentiality is ensured.  All data has already been encrypted before they leave the user’s device.

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Tiny T3 Agent has all features needed to backup file systems or databases in a super-efficient way to a cloud. T3 binds only few resources. Backup process runs in the background without interfering with other processes. Through its design, performance is up to 2x faster compared to other backup solutions.

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Tidy – A very intuitive dashboard allows user to backup data with only a few clicks. Backup process starts on request or scheduled on a regular basis. T3 Agent is available in 3 languages: English, French and German. Search functionality helps to find data quickly in the archive.

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Trustful – As a sensitive user, you want your data protected from cyber-attacks. All backup data is encrypted already on the client side to provide best possible protection to the user.

T3 consists of two components: T3 Agent and T3 Server.

T3 Agent is the client side of the application which triggers the encryption and compression of data to be uploaded to T3 Server. It is installed on the end-users device as a small application running in the background. A well-organized web GUI is the access to T3 Agent. User starts from there new backups, defines scheduled backups and manages settings of the application.

T3 Server is a Linux application running on the server side. It manages data packages from T3 Agent in an incremental way. Backups become fast after a first run has been done. T3 Server is installed on a cloud or in an in-house datacentre. T3 Server is at the same time the license service for new T3 Agents and creates license keys for as many T3 Agents as needed.

Through its simple design and thanks to a modern programming language T3 backups are almost only limited in speed by the network width. Encryption is asymmetric. No information about the encryption is stored on T3 Server.

As an IT professional you may be interested in operating your own backup system and provide your customers a backup system as a service. White-label T3 Agent with your corporate design.

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 Cloud backup
 Incremental backup (deduplication)
 Scheduled backup
 User friendly web GUI
 Multi languages
 Automatic encryption
 High compression
 Available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux