Easy-to-use backup solution

 «Think well of everyone but trust yourself the most.»

Create a backup with the power of encryption in your hands.

T3 provides our customers a tiny, tidy and trustful backup solution for file systems and databases. To backup data raises many questions: Where is my data stored? Is the connection to the storage safe and fast? Can somebody access my data in the storage? T3 delivers an answer to all these questions.

Logo - Tiny

Tiny – T3 is an application with all features needed to backup file systems or databases in a super-efficient way to a cloud. T3 binds only few resources such that backup process runs in the background without interfering with other processes. Through its design performance is up to 2x faster as other backup solutions.

Logo - Tidy

Tidy – A very intuitive dashboard allows user to backup data with only a few clicks. Backup can be started on request or scheduled on a regular basis. T3 Agent is available in 3 languages: English, French and German. Search functionality helps to find data quickly in the archive.

Logo - Trustful

Trustful – As a sensitive user you want to have your data protected from cyber-attacks. Therefore all backup data is encrypted to give user best possible protection.

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 Cloud backup
 Incremental backup
 Scheduled backup
 User friendly web GUI
 Multi languages
 Automatic encryption
 High compression
 Available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux


 Tidy menu
 Simple navigation
 Jump quickly into Buckets, Schedules or Search page


 Create a backup with 3 clicks
 Full control of upload status


 Create a new schedule with few clicks
 Backup for filesystems or databases
 Define the number of saved versions


 Search quickly in your bucket
 Restore data


 Retrieve backup reports


 See real-time statistics


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 Windows 7 or later (32-bit/64-bit)
 MacOS Sierra or later (64-bit)
 Any Linux (64-bit)
 Browser: Firefox, Chrome or Edge
 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or faster
 Memory: 4GB RAM (2GB Free)
 Storage: Local drive with 15GB of free disk space
 NIC: 100 Mbps
 Internet connection: 5Mbps up/5Mbps down