File Transfer

«Be headless for once.»

Companies facing major challenges when exchanging large and, above all, sensitive data. With Tandem, we have further developed our backup technology. Tandem allows the user to easily and quickly exchange larger amounts of data. Be this within the company or with customers outside of the own computer network.

Known cloud data exchange solutions rely on the user writing their data to an external cloud from which the recipient of the data obtains it. Obviously, the safety aspect is not insignificant. What does the operator of the external cloud do with your data? With Tandem, we provide a service that runs on your premises. Do not care about safety and be headless when exchanging data.

 High performance in up- and downloading using T3Teq’s backup experience
 Full security through encrypted connection
 No 3rd party involved when exchanging sensible data
Compatible with MS Azure

With ZMFT we installed a Tandem instance to demonstrate capabilities. ZMFT is a simple application to exchange files between stakeholders using T3Teq’s headless installation.

As a company exchanging sensitive data you have to control the cloud. Contact us. We help you to install Tandem and ZMFT in your premises to interact safely intracompany and with your customers.

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